Women’s blouses: We return to the 90s with television icons

women's blouses nirvana

The 90s have returned. And they have done it with force. We can not deny it if while doing it we use mom jeans; or if we show the navel with some women’s blouses, in the summer.

And to celebrate it, the great pop icons of the decade have arrived at our favorite stores. The giants of “low cost” have been filled with movies, series or favorite singers from around the world at that time.

Do you want to check it?

Jurassic Park returned to our lives

women's blouses jurassic park

The dinosaurs were an obsession at the beginning of the 90s, thanks to Jurassic Park. Now they have returned with strength to be part of our more retro outfits. We have found them in the stores Bershka, Zara, Primark, and Pull & Bear.

Also with the series that we will always love.

women's blouses friends 90s   women's blouses waywatch

It may have been more than twenty years, but surely many of us would still know how to sing the songs of such important series as Friends or Baywatch. Their women’s blouses (they are also unisex) are brought to us by Zara, Pull & Bear, and H&M stores.

Other iconic women’s blouses

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