12 best Shopping dates for 2018 in the USA

If you are an avid online shopper, you have probably noticed that for every important day that Americans celebrate, millions of discounts are made in different online stores. However, do you know what days you will specifically be eligible for these special offers?

Shop In the US can always represent good opportunities when we talk about discounts and offers, especially if we talk about special dates marked heavily in the calendar.
So for this 2018 we can name 12 important dates for shop in the United States and that, as you know, it is never time to review to find one or another interesting offer in the product that we are looking for.

Well, we better go to the point:

1. Happy new year! 01.01.18

Yes, indeed: the new year always presents the beginning of a new cycle and for the Americans the new year brings a million offers! What’s better than start shopping in the USA with various opportunities to save money?

Compare prices on this date and be surprised!

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 15.01.18

A special day commemorating the birth of the great Martin Luther King, a very important character in the field of the struggle for civil rights in the United States. And well, for some reason many offers are also held in different types of stores.

One more day to find rebates to shop in the USA.

3. President’s Day 19.02.18

The third Monday of February of every year is celebrated the President’s Day, where the Americans commemorate their presidents and founding fathers.

Which better excuse for shopping in the USA and be victims of low prices?

4. Memorial Day 28.05.18

Memorial Day or Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May and commemorates all people who have died in wars where the United States has participated. It’s a very important date and it has a lot of history.

We recommend you go to Amazon or Ebay and review the best offers for shopping in the USA.

5. Independence Day 04.07.18

Adding any description of this day would be redundant, since this date is very popular in the United States and the world.

well, it is also worth saying that the rebates here are especially relevant. Mark it on your calendar and don’t miss this date!

6. Labor day 03.09.18

Contrary to what happens in most of the world, Americans celebrate Labor Day in September, leaving aside May 1.

Why is it like this? Well, there is a long story behind, but all you need to know is that you can’t miss all the deals from online stores for this date.

7. Columbus Day 08.10.18

On the second Monday of October, Americans celebrate the Two Worlds Gathering Day with a nice arsenal of offers and rebates. We recommend you check the sites days before to estimate the savings that this date may generate.

8. Veterans Days 11.11.18

Veterans Day is a very busy month in terms of sales for shopping in the US, so we advise you see as early as November stars how the market moves.

On this day especially the offers would leave proud anyone who has been part of the armed forces of the United States, a nice tribute to their pockets.

9. Thanksgiving Day 22.11.18

Another date that doesn’t need to be described. Deals? Yes, and many. Being such an important date, don’t doubt that you can find really amazing opportunities.

Here it is good to be attentive before the date, however it is much better what comes next.

10. Black Friday 23.11.18

After Thanksgiving comes the well-known Black Friday, the most important date to shop in the USA. The discounts that you can find are up to 80% off in some cases, so people go crazy shopping.

Each portal – especially Amazon or Ebay – is prepared for bulky visits, so they aren’t worry about the issue of fallen servers.

11. Cyber ​​Monday 26.11.18

The Monday after Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday was born in 2005 to generate more online sales, generating offers and significant discounts in online purchases.

It is important? Well clearly! Especially when we talk about electronic products, you can find offers up to 85% off. Sounds good right? so grab a pencil and mark this date down on your calendar, ’cause you can’t miss it.

Imagine, November may be the best opportunity to do your Christmas shopping.

12. Green Monday 10.12.18

The last day of important offers of the year is like a continuation of Cyber ​​Monday and is really little known in these latitudes.

However, Green Monday represents a good alternative for those who did not buy their Christmas gifts in the previous dates.

With various discounts similar to those of November, this day presents very favorable figures for online sales and for lagging consumers.

It’s not bad idea that you keep an eye on it.

Well, those are the 12 best dates for shopping in the USA in 2018, when you will find the best offers and discounts of the year.

Have you bought in any of these days? Have you found good Deals? How about Black Friday? Tell us in the comments or if you have any doubts we will gladly to answer you.

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