Review Samsung WAM5500 Wireless Multiroom 360 Sound Speaker

In general, the appearance of the WAM 5500 is minimalist and unobtrusive – most people will not even realize it’s a speaker. Its distinctive vertical shape gives the 5500 a small size, which makes it ideal for placement on a shelf or desk.

Minimalist in every way

Despite its modest appearance, the R5 (as it is also known) is not completely lacking in style. The top panel, apparently blank, is actually a large touch screen with UV coating that lets you skip tracks with a single swipe of your finger, or pause a track by touching it.

Following on the front, on one of its sides are the volume controls, sensitive to touch, while a modal button, on the other side, allows you to see the different sound sources. Unlike other speakers, there is an off button, it goes into standby mode after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Touch the controls and a small OLED panel appears at the center of this kind of screen, which shows volume levels and various icons. When you move through the entries, a female voice will indicate which one you selected.

Under the loudspeaker there is an angled entry for the power cable, with a hole in one side of the base that allows the cable to be released – it is more uncomfortable, but manageable. A small button allows you to configure the WiFi or add the speaker to a network, without having to access the application for smartphones.

Sound throughout the room

The key feature of the 5500 is its omnidirectional sound, achieved thanks to Samsung’s annular radiator technology. A 5-inch woofer at the bottom and a one-inch tweeter at the top scatter the sound through an acoustic lens and spread the waves evenly in all directions. In theory, this results in the same sound quality no matter where you are in relation to the speaker.

The sleek and elegant Samsung application has a lot of streaming services and makes it very easy to control multiple multiroom speakers. And, with the support of high resolution music and Bluetooth on board, you will have a lot of features appropriate to the price.

The cylindrical design lacks the surprise factor of other superior models, but it is elegant in its way, in particular the ingenious touch panel. In addition, the vertical and small design make it easy to accommodate on a desk or shelf.

The 5500 is another excellent multi-room speaker from Samsung and easily deserves a place on your Christmas list. Great quality and good price is what you will find in this gadget.


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