Popular men’s halloween costumes 2018

men's halloween costumes

The vampire, zombie and werewolf costumes are the most popular Halloween costumes among men (usually). But this Halloween 2018 you can try other interesting ones that will also be very popular.

So if you are a man and want to dress up this year with a popular costume but at the same time original, unique and fun, continue reading this post. We will show you 3 that you will love!

Suicide Squad – The Joker

suicide squad the joker costumes

The best example of popular Halloween costumes 2018, is this; the costume of the Joker of the suicide squad movie.

You will only need a long purple coat, blue or black pants, boots and some chains.

It is important that you dye your hair green and you make up like the Joker to make the perfect look.

Smiffy’s day of the dead

smiffy's day of the dead costume mexico

For this costume you can make up like a skeleton of the day of the dead of Mexico, and wear a traditional Mariachi clothes.

You can buy this clothes with discounts. Click for a Spirit halloween coupon.

Donald Trump mask

donald trump mask celebrity for halloween

And finally this perfect Donald Trump mask for Halloween.

Maybe it’s one of the most popular Halloween costumes 2018. You’ll only need this mask and wear a blue suit, white shirt and red tie; you’ll be ready for this party!