Review Microsoft Surface 3 10.8 Inch Tablet

It has a screen of 10.8 inches and weighs 887 grams with the keyboard integrated but is a less powerful device than those it plans to replace.

In spite of that, the Surface 3 is more than the sum of its parts. Its Intel Atom processor is competent and the battery does not have the performance you expect as with some laptops but its design is attractive with versatile elements like good camera which ultimately makes you really want to use it.

Spectacular design

The Surface 3 is lighter than a 12-inch Macbook. This makes it feel like an authentic device that you can carry everywhere. One of the important elements in its overall design is that thanks to its processor it does not need fans to level its temperature. This, in addition helps that its thickness reaches 8.7 mm.

Both the magnetic keyboard that adapts to the tablet automatically and the structure to recharge it work consistently in their operation in terms of design. You will have no problem in using it comfortably with different position angles.

One help in terms of connectivity are the USB and microUSB ports on the sides.

Enjoy the work

Although it does not have a Retina screen like the tablets that are currently sold with the Apple brand, the Surface 3 fulfills the expectations.

Its 1920 x 1280 pixel screen is able to reproduce correctly any high definition video that is placed in front of it. What makes a good experience to enjoy multimedia content and not to say to work, every Office tool looks like a desktop PC.

Performance and battery

The version that we had to review has 4GB RAM with 128GB of storage. While there is a version of 2GB of RAM and 64GB of memory, your best bet will be with the one that has more RAM due to the demands of the operating system (Windows 10).

Video playback in streaming, browsers with several open tabs, work in Office applications and background music are examples of actions that you can perform without any kind of slowdown.

You can play video games from the Microsoft store in an appropriate way but if you want something more advanced you should take into account that this is a tablet and not a PC focused on gaming.

Your battery can hold between 8 and 11 hours depending on the use you give your computer.

The Microsoft Surface 3 is an excellent option for students who need a device suitable to their needs without forgetting elements such as design and performance.

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