Review Huawei Mate 8

This Huawei Mate 8 has a solid design, worthy of the high-end with all the personality that is consolidating in the Huawei equipment thanks to the use of metal, both in the back and on the edges and the fingerprint sensor in the back . This sensor, by the way, offers one of the best results when it comes to accuracy and speed.

Since it is a phablet worth it, click on its dimensions so that you have an idea of ​​how comfortable or uncomfortable it may be.

Height: 15.7 cm
Width: 8 cm
7.9 mm thick
185 grams

Personally, I find it too big to use with only one hand, even activating the way to handle with the thumb, since it does not stop being an impractical time to transport, however, it can not be decomposed if it does not have these proportions. , that’s why I do not think it’s a bad thing, just something you should take into account when thinking about a category phone.

By the way, the front is the focus of LED notifications, that the truth and more Android use more than the other phones with this feature in phones that have no way of notifications on blocked screen, is the only way to know if you have messages or calls without having to touch the phone.

A screen that looks good but at a disadvantage compared to the competition

Its screen measures 6 inches and the resolution is Full HD, which does not end up convincing many users because currently the high range demands 2K resolutions onwards. However, having fewer pixels on the screen helps us to have a more optimal energy consumption and, therefore, more hours of entertainment.

To compensate for the vacuum that can be left in the megapixels in the resolution, Mate 8 offers super thin edges on each of its sides, so, the phone in video mode is almost like having only one screen in your hands. In addition, Full HD is still a very acceptable resolution to watch videos on YouTube and play, since much of the content for smartphones is made in 1080p.

Killer battery

The battery performance of this Huawei is the result of several factors well achieved by the company, the first is a battery of 4000 mAh, which, currently, is a capacity that has almost no smartphone in the market possesses. The second is the screen, which as it says has a power consumption proportionally lower than others, finally, a good processor developed by Huawei.

This processor is a Kirin 950 eight-core that although not so popular in America, is up to a high range and allows you to work with several applications simultaneously without this being a strong blow to the battery life and temperature of the telephone. Added to this is the 3GB RAM that is the one that comes in the 32GB model, because in the 64GB we do have 4GB in RAM.

Many phones provide two days of battery life but it is already in practice this is only achieved with the numbers of energy saving that has the use to limit cell phone functions. In this case, Mate 8 declared me loads of more than a day and a half even taking into account that for work I need many applications during the day.

Movement gestures

The phone has Android 6.0 Marshmallow natively and its customization capability is version 4.0 of EMUI, a platform that many compare with iOS for the way it distributes applications and things in folders, however, you can download themes of the EMUI store. The other option is to download a launcher from Google Play in case you want a different appearance.

What stands out of EMUI 4.0 are the movement gestures that allow us to capture the screen with the time of a screen, yes, as when you touch a door; screenshot in video if you touch the screen twice with two knuckles; captures specific area of ​​the screen with a knuckle draws an area on the display and finally, divided screen if you draw a line in the middle of the screen, although eye, this mode works mainly for the native applications of the cell phone.

Compliant camera

Use a sensor manufactured by Sony, so input can not go wrong, son 16 megapixels in the main camera to record Full HD video and 8 megapixels in the front camera for selfies.

Specifically, I do not think the most competitive camera of the high range, neither by function of the application nor by results, but this does not mean that it is bad either. In the following examples you can see how well the view of the camera works and the detail with which you can see textures in macro photos. His weakness is the photos of the night, both because the slope focuses on what is so easy as it can not be solved

If you liked this cell phone, you can buy from eBay.

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