Review Hisense 50H7GB Smart TV

When the first UHD or 4K TVs arrived in Mexico they had a very high price and only video lovers or technology enthusiasts were thought of. But in a couple of years the prices have gone down and thanks to companies like Hisense you can now have yours without spending so much.

An attractive Hisense

In terms of design is not the greatest thing in the world, we face a simple TV that if you put it on the wall of your house, your guests will not be surprised. The advantage is that the frames in black are not thick so it looks attractive but not surprising. If you see it on its side, the top part is extremely thin but when you look down and you find the connectors, it increases its thickness considerably.

The buttons and ports are located in the back, are easily accessible and you have four HDMI ports of which two have support for video in 4K, which is appreciated because in the future you can connect one or the new consoles PlayStation or Xbox with support for 4K. There are also three USB ports, one of them can transmit content in 4K – again it is appreciated.

Ready for 4K content

Hisense Television 50H7GB has the main providers of content in 4K, with what you are to Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Instant Video (which is not available in Mexico but you have direct access). There is also Hulu Plus and ¿VUDU? … of course, none of them offers video in 4K but you can enjoy it fully if you have an account.

The system is based on Opera OS and you have access to the Opera store, although you will not find great things, there are applications that you can install as social networks and several more. You also have the web browser to visit Internet sites such as Paré

Now that, if you want to share the songs, photos or videos that you have on your smartphone, you can connect it via WiFI (DLNA) or by MHL.


Quality vs price

It is a fact, having a lower cost than other 4K, the image quality may not be what you expect so much. We know that Samsung and Sony dominate the issue of image quality perfectly, but in companies like VIZIO or Hisense, the budget they invest in development and research may not be as much and as a user you will notice.

Sony is responsible for remastering the content while Samsung makes a very interesting scaling process that the image is seen fluid and clear. In this case the scaling is different, if you are very demanding you will notice that the image is not so clear and the color range is not as saturated as in other models that are worth five to ten times more.

If you will use this Hisense 50H7GB to watch movies on Blu-ray or football games in HD, as well as to enjoy the latest releases on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, at the end of the day that content will look great, not amazing but enough to say “I have a 4K already in my house and it looks better than your Full HD”.

The advantage is that most of the 4K content that is on Netflix runs at 24 or 30 frames per second, so if your eyes are not so trained and they do not notice the difference of 60 frames per second; This Hisense is for you. But if you are a PC Gamer with an ASUS and want to fully enjoy your video games in 4K, you could consider and switch platforms (PS4).

As for the audio, I was surprised, I had seen that I had several audio technologies, including Total Technology that allows you to enjoy your content in a very father experience, at no time you hear a flat sound and without grabs.


Can I buy it?
Of course, as long as you are not so strict on what you enjoy. It is worth to be a 50-inch TV to appreciate the content in 4K at a super price. In addition, to have the most used applications and to share the contents of your phone with the screen – either by USB or WiFi. Also, from experience I have not had problems with a Hisense, so VIZIO now, you have a rival.

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