Costumes Halloween inspired by TV shows and movies

costumes Halloween

Halloween is coming! What makes us look for this month costumes Halloween that make us feel great and terrifying, or also very fun and modern.

In this post, we want to give you the tip that the trend of clothes and costumes for this long-awaited night is inspired by popular TV shows and movies. So we wanted to bring to the girls 3 costumes of series that we love and are very fashionable; so that they dress in a unique way with original Halloween costumes in 2018.

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White nun American Horror Story Asylum

costumes halloween white nun american horror story

This costume is unique and very scary, inspired by the white nun from the TV show American Horror Story. It is ideal for all girls who like to scare their friends on Halloween.

Women’s prison Orange is the new black

halloween costume orange is the new black womens prison orange, beige.

Unlike the previous costume this is not terrifying but it is very fun. All her friends could wear these uniforms and feel that they recreate this popular series, Orange is the new black.

Costumes Halloween Stranger Things: Eleven

eleven stranger things halloween women

And finally, the costume of the protagonist of the show on Netflix Stranger Things, Eleven.

Apparently this costume will be widely used in the celebrations of this Halloween; so if you want to use it and look unique you should add a personal and more original touch as for example: blood in the nose.