10 Pros and Cons of making an online purchase on Black Friday

Advantages of buying on the Internet

  1. More and more stores launch offers on the Internet that they offer in their establishments.
  2. You do not have to face the crowds, the cold or early risers. You do not have to worry about the Thanksgiving dinner for running out to do the Black Friday shopping on Thursday.
  3. You can buy naked, wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate or whatever you want.
  4. Limited offers to get first in the queue have been an incentive to buy on physical sites, so now some Web sites like Best Buy or Walmart also offers this type of offer on the Internet.
  5. Some stores like Walmart, Best Buy and New York smas. So save money on gas and shipping. Staples also has a delivery the next day on orders of US $ 50 or more.

Disadvantages of buying on the Internet

  1. Buying in person is exciting. Take a bargain that another person wants to produce an adrenaline rush. You can not duplicate that on the Internet.
  2. Some stores have offers that are only available in their physical stores. Look at the Black Friday offers brochure of your favorite store and look at those that are exclusive to the establishment before making decisions about how you are going to buy.
  3. Buying in physical stores is easier than ever. The Walmart app, for example, can open a color map of your nearest store to help you find offers more easily. You can also allow the digital products of your Black Friday booklet to be saved to access a list that you can access from your phone.
  4. If shopping for Black Friday is a fun event for your family or friends, you can do it together. But they will never get that experience buying on the Internet.
  5. You can not see the product physically. Is annoying buying an item on the Internet, for example,and see days later when finally gets home it is bad quality product.

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