Makeup brushes for 2018

Once you know all the types of makeup brushes that exist and what each one serves, it’s time to open the portfolio. That’s why I’ve made a small selection of brushes for the whole face. These are the brands that I like the most!

The best brands and sets of makeup brushes.

Face Brush Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques.

Its oval tip and tight bristles facilitate the application of liquid or compact makeup bases achieving a great coverage with uniformity and very natural.

Double powder brush from Aesthetica Cosmetics.

It is ideal to save space. The wide brush is designed for powders, loose or compact. As they are not compressed, their bristles allow the product to be distributed easily. The angular cut brush is designed to fit your cheekbones. makeup brushes

Fan Brush Fancee Me, by Aesthetica Cosmetics.

Join the fan club thanks to this brush, with which you can correct all the errors while removing any excess. Also, I love your color!

Angled Kabuki brush, by Ecotools.

This brush is ideal for sculpting and creating contours. As I have explained before, thanks to its multifunctionality you can apply bronzing powder on the face, neck, neckline or shoulders, achieving a super soft touch.

Lip brush, from PuroBio.

Its elongated design and thin tip allow the lips to be shaped accurately and easily filled with color, avoiding stains.

Set of mini brushes, from 3CE.

The size they have makes them ideal to carry in your purse and to be able to put on make-up outside the home or during trips. All of them are manufactured with synthetic hair, of great fineness and thickness, that allow a unified and smooth finish. Contains four brushes: base, powder, shadows and to draw. When looking for your brush kit at Best Deals you will find several options from professional belts to the most basic brush blankets, but if you do not want to ruin yourself, you can use the same brush for various uses.